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    2 in 1 Focus Automatic Ejection Cigarette Case with Fill Butane Lighter

    R 6.89 R 3.85
    • Description: Brand New and High quality Type: Refill Butane Material: Aluminium alloy + plastic
    • Size: 96mm x 69mm x 20mm Weight: 95g the cigarette not include
    • unique design turn up to get cigarette , turn down to Ignition Holds 8 regular cigarettes(84mm long cigarettes) it is great gifts to your family and frineds

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    Adjustable Low Back Bra Strap Converter

    R 4.62
    • hook-and-eye back closure
    • nylon/ spandex
    • hand wash, line dry
    • imported

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    Argussy Feminine Soap

    R 4.62 R 2.89

    This soap is for cleansing the most sensitive area of a woman.

    Gently protect the skin from dirt and unpleasing odor as well as helping to maintain moisture of skin.

    scent from lavender, give you even more fresh feeling.

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    Bare Lifts The Instant Breast Lift, 10 Lifts

    R 5.78
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Fits A,B,C and D cup
    • Invisible tape
    • Skin friendly and latex free

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    Body Shop BAMBOO charcoal slimming suit body SHAPER WAIST cinched

    R 6.89 R 3.85
    About the Product
    Look 10 to 20 lbs thinner immediately.
    Flexible micro-fiber bamboo material that moves with you!
    • Immediately take off inches in all the important places!
    • S-M: HIP:84-94CM WAIST:62-72CM WEIGHT:45-60KG(99ibs-132ibs)
    • L-XL: HIP:98-105CM WAIST:73-83CM WEIGHT:65-80KG(143ibs-176ibs)
    • XL-2XL: HIP:106-113CM WAIST:83CM-93CM WEIGHT:85-95KG(187 ibs-209 ibs)

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    Booty Maker Bum Pad Shapewear

    R 5.78

    We all need an extra push sometimes

    with contour shapewear technology it’s a must have under dress secret.

    give you nice shape

  • 10pcs-lot-safety-100-bust-up-plant-herbal-increase-font-b-breast-b-font-enlargement-patch

    breast enlarging patches

    R 1.00

    this is breast enlarging patch

    each pair is  1 omr

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    Chest Expander Exerciser with 5 Springs

    R 5.78 R 2.89
    • Chest Expander
    • 5 Springs,Removable Spring
    • Stainless carbon spring steel wire
    • Pulling Exerciser

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    Dr James Breast Firming Gel – 40ml

    R 13.86 R 10.01

    Dr James Breast Firming Gel is an exclusive breast enhancing/firming formula that helps to enlarge the cellular substructure of the female breast.
    It helps in increasing breast size, developing a new satisfying feeling of fullness.
    It helps to enlarge, firm and shape the breast area and improve the tissues of the breasts.

    Dr. James Breast Firming Gel contains deep piercing natural liposomes that firm, strengthens and adds volume to the breast while keeping the skin soft and smooth. Exceptional formulation of Pueraria mirifica and PH balance nanotechnology formulation for instant breast firmness known for its capability to balance female hormones and promote breast size and firmness safely and naturally.
    The Firming bust gel is effective for firming, strengthening and adding volume to your breasts, while keeping your skin silky soft and velvety smooth.
    Daily application leaves your breasts feeling sturdy, firm and fuller.


    • It helps in increasing breast size
    • Effec­tive for firm­ing, strength­en­ing and adding vol­ume to your breasts
    • Developing a new satisfying feeling of fullness
    • Balance female hormones and promote breast size and firmness safely and naturally.
    • Suits any type of skin
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • No side Effects

    Direction for Use:Apply on breast area, massage for 5-10 minutes.

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    E-cigarette – to quit smoking

    R 7.89 R 5.78

    How does e-cigarette works?

    The electronic cigarette is made up of three parts; the battery, the atomizer & the cartridge. When you inhale, the atomizer vaporizes some flavoured liquid within the cartridge into a vapour. The vapour formed is odourless and colourless. The device needs to be charged daily and depending on your consumption from 1 to 3 hours. E-cigarette Cartridges can be replaced with new disposable fluid filled cartridges.

    How can an e-cigarette help me quit smoking?

    Electronic cigarettes are a great pretender to overcome the regular habit of smoking. There is no Nicotine in the e-cigarette, just a flavoured vapour.

    There are various reasons why people need to buy an e-cigarette, apart from the obvious reason of trying to quit smoking for all the major reasons like health & money. Smoking is just a bad habit, it’s all in your head. Statistically the average smoker brings their cigarette up to their mouth around 14 times per cigarette. Let’s say a person smokes 20 cigarettes per day. This means that on average the person is lifting their fingers up to their mouth 280 times per day.


  • electronic-enhancer-enlargement-massage-bra-breast-massager-buymeonlinestore-1301-12-BuyMeOnlineStore@1

    electronic breast enhancer device

    this is electronic breast enhancer massager

    very safe to use

    get result within 3 months

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    energy anti lice electric comb

    R 15.36 R 13.05

    this is energy electric anti lice shampoo

    very easy to use

    no side effects

  • hipsbreast-and-bums-reduction-and-enlargement-21636193.jpg.pagespeed.ce.CxirvlcVix

    hip enhancer gel

    R 6.93

    this is hip enhancer lotion for women

  • dbe6746a-24dd-4504-bfb9-c8120782aaf1_large

    ladies fitting tablets

    R 5.78

    this is special tablets for ladies

    for tightening of vagina

    for keeping private area germ free and clean

    each box 4 tablets

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    natural bamboo body charcoal

    R 9.82 R 5.78

    Product details of Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Bodysuit

    This Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit is a seamless high waisted body suit which shapes your body giving a slimming effect for your hips and tummy while smoothing any bumps on your back, sides, and rib cage.

    This all in one body suit is carbon aged to Prime Bamboo Fiber Fabric, to create a flexible, yet powerful waist curving garment, dramatically reducing waist and tummy size.

    The compact three dimensional cut, coating resistance, focuses on pushing the chest to prevent the sagging effect of breasts, it focuses on firming, and creating a glamorous breast shape, without the need of expensive and intrusive surgery.

    This also helps with breastfeeding, providing posturing up and nurturing breasts, so you get the perfect breast shape

    Specially tailored to help give you a sexy waist, hips, and thighs while eliminating excess fat and cellulite to help you achieve the body you want fast, naturally, and without surgery!

    Material – Bamboo Charcoal – The Black Diamond

    size- l-xl, xxl-xxxl

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    Natural Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper Underwear Slim Slimming Suit Bodysuits

    R 7.89 R 4.62


    • Tightens the chest & the abdominal muscles, lifts the buttocks & firms up thighs
    • Hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim
    • Helps you fit into jeans, slinky dresses or tailored business suits comfortably
    • Shaping: The structure through the girly fat distribution according to the ideal state will be transferred to achieve the perfect physique.
    • Appear: The girly highlight the functional structure, emphasizing the golden ratio of the female body, to highlight the chest, hip curve, the effect of thinning the waist.
    • Slimming: Through the thickness of fat, structural changes, transfer of excess fat, and gradually achieve the weight-loss results.
    • Keeping: Already has an ideal body shape, body sculpting clothing worn by the long-term, to further improve the beautification
    • sizes- large-xl, xxl- xxxl

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    real doctor posture support

    R 7.89
    About the Product
    • UNISEX- Designed for men and women.
    •  PAIN RELIEF- real doctor posture Support Brace will gently pull back  shoulders to reduce back strain.
    • INSTANT BACK PAIN RELIEF- it will gently pull back your shoulders to reduce back strain
    • FDA APPROVED- Comfortable, breathable straps. Hand washable.
    • COMPLETELY INVISIBLE- This One of a Kind Back Brace can be worn discreetly under your clothing, while at the same time giving you the posture you’ve always dreamed of having.

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    Sanda health cigarette filter Reusable Clean Reduce Tar Smoke Tobacco Filter Cigarette Holder

    R 5.78 R 3.47

    Sanda health cigarette filter


    Clean and Reduce Tar Smoke

    Tobacco Filter Cigarette Holder

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    Set of 2 Dr.James Virginity Soap Pink Flower

    R 7.70 R 3.85

    •    Daily use for body cleaning, suitable for all skin types

    •    Leave you skin lighten and soften. Leaving skin feeling clean, soothed and refreshed.

    make the private part clean and germ free