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    2 in 1 Focus Automatic Ejection Cigarette Case with Fill Butane Lighter

    R 6.89 R 3.85
    • Description: Brand New and High quality Type: Refill Butane Material: Aluminium alloy + plastic
    • Size: 96mm x 69mm x 20mm Weight: 95g the cigarette not include
    • unique design turn up to get cigarette , turn down to Ignition Holds 8 regular cigarettes(84mm long cigarettes) it is great gifts to your family and frineds

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    2-1 Facial + Hair Steamer portable Beauty Device

    R 35.04 R 26.18
    About the product
    • Instantly convert between tabletop Facial and Hair steamer.
    • Moisturize and hydrate your hair prevents breakage and split
    • Brings glow to the skin and enhances the skin tone and complexion
    • Built-in UV Ozone System
    • The steamer can also be used as a interior humidifier and is a powerful and efficient way.


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    Argussy Feminine Soap

    R 4.62 R 2.89

    This soap is for cleansing the most sensitive area of a woman.

    Gently protect the skin from dirt and unpleasing odor as well as helping to maintain moisture of skin.

    scent from lavender, give you even more fresh feeling.

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    Baby Potty Training Ladder

    R 14.25 R 9.63
    • 37cm x 58.5cm to the top of the handles
    • Foldable toilet training ladder space saving
    • Your child will feel safe and secure on adult toilet
    • Gripper Handles for Stability & Confidenc
    • Self standing potty seat for toilet designed with bright & cheerful colors will encourage your toddler to want to use a potty chair everyday.
    • A potty training seat for boys and girls made with skid proof, non slip materials & sturdy floor grippers.

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    Body Shop BAMBOO charcoal slimming suit body SHAPER WAIST cinched

    R 6.89 R 3.85
    About the Product
    Look 10 to 20 lbs thinner immediately.
    Flexible micro-fiber bamboo material that moves with you!
    • Immediately take off inches in all the important places!
    • S-M: HIP:84-94CM WAIST:62-72CM WEIGHT:45-60KG(99ibs-132ibs)
    • L-XL: HIP:98-105CM WAIST:73-83CM WEIGHT:65-80KG(143ibs-176ibs)
    • XL-2XL: HIP:106-113CM WAIST:83CM-93CM WEIGHT:85-95KG(187 ibs-209 ibs)

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    Breathe easy Drug-Free Nasal Strips for Better Breathing- 10 pieces

    R 3.85 R 2.89
    About the product
    • Breathe easy nasal strips open your nose up to 38% more than allergy decongestant sprays alone and can help you reduce or even stop nasal snoring
    • Easy to apply and provide effective nasal congestion relief
    • Provide relief for nighttime nasal congestion due to cold or allergies
    • Flexible, spring-like bands lift and open nasal passages to help you breathe better and sleep better at night
    • Alleviate stuffy nose to help you stop nasal snoring at night

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    Chest Expander Exerciser with 5 Springs

    R 5.78 R 2.89
    • Chest Expander
    • 5 Springs,Removable Spring
    • Stainless carbon spring steel wire
    • Pulling Exerciser

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    Combine Daily Pill Box Organizer with Water Bottle

    R 10.01 R 6.93
    • LARGE CAPACITY BOTTLE Asobu Pill organizer comes with 20 ounce capacity water bottle so you can rest assured knowing your covered with your pills and water all stored in one cool gadget
    • • CONVENIENT DAILY ORGANIZER Made with a built in pill organizer so you’ve got the pills the water and even the lid as a cup with at all times. Great for traveling, work or keeping at your bedside.
    • • ORGANIZED AND NEAT Our seven section pill organizer allows you to store each day’s pills (about 3 large sized pills) in an easy open close compartment so you know that you’ve taken your daily dose.

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    Cushie Traveler™ Folding Padded Potty Seat

    R 9.63 R 5.78
    About the product
    • Thickly cushioned for comfort and safety
    • Includes washable carry bag
    • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats
    • Underside brackets help keep seat from sliding
    • Folds up easily and compact for “on the go”

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    Digital Therapy Machine. Mesin Terapi Digital

    R 13.48 R 10.01

    Features: 8 functions: messaage, acupuncture, mainpulation, stoke, cupping, scraping, weight reducing and immunotherapy.

    Treating diseases completely by electrodes.

    The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the out put pulse, so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfactory.

    This Digital Therapy Machine with 4 pads produces
    a sense of accupuncture massage, thumping,
    stroking, cupping & scrapping. Modern science
    technology combined with chinese medicine for
    general health. Good to relief fatigue &
    pain. Uses 3 AAA batteries & easy to carry

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    Dr James Breast Firming Gel – 40ml

    R 13.86 R 10.01

    Dr James Breast Firming Gel is an exclusive breast enhancing/firming formula that helps to enlarge the cellular substructure of the female breast.
    It helps in increasing breast size, developing a new satisfying feeling of fullness.
    It helps to enlarge, firm and shape the breast area and improve the tissues of the breasts.

    Dr. James Breast Firming Gel contains deep piercing natural liposomes that firm, strengthens and adds volume to the breast while keeping the skin soft and smooth. Exceptional formulation of Pueraria mirifica and PH balance nanotechnology formulation for instant breast firmness known for its capability to balance female hormones and promote breast size and firmness safely and naturally.
    The Firming bust gel is effective for firming, strengthening and adding volume to your breasts, while keeping your skin silky soft and velvety smooth.
    Daily application leaves your breasts feeling sturdy, firm and fuller.


    • It helps in increasing breast size
    • Effec­tive for firm­ing, strength­en­ing and adding vol­ume to your breasts
    • Developing a new satisfying feeling of fullness
    • Balance female hormones and promote breast size and firmness safely and naturally.
    • Suits any type of skin
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • No side Effects

    Direction for Use:Apply on breast area, massage for 5-10 minutes.

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    dr james herbal infusion slimming tea- 10 bags in each box

    R 5.78 R 3.85
    • Product Packaging : Box
    • Brand : Dr. James
    • Tea Form : Bags
    • Flavor : Ginger
    • Tea Type : Green

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    Dr. James Herbal infusion green tea 25gm

    R 5.78 R 3.85

    Dr.James Herbal Tea Slimming Infusion (Green tea)
    Dr.James Green tea properties improve brain function, increase fat burning and improve physical performance. Antioxidants in green tea can reduce the risk of various types of Alzheimer’s disease. It destroys bacteria, which improves dental health and reduces the risk of infection.

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    Earth Smoking Set Refillable Windproof Oil Cigarette Lighter In Antique Finish with Lighter Fuel and Smoking Pipe

    R 7.89 R 5.78
    • Product Description

      High Quality Material for Longer Life Color :Gun Metal Finish Material-Brass with Antique Finish Refillable- Can Be Refilled again and again with Liquid Fuel,Flame as Per Your Requirement Note : Due to shipping regulation, all lighters are empty, so please install fuel before the actual lighting.

      High Quality Material for Longer Life

    • Material-Brass with Antique Finish
    • Refillable- Can Be Refilled again and again with Liqid Fuel
    • Adjustable Windproof Flame as Per Your Requirement
    • Lighter Fuel and Smoking Pipe Included.

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    Elasticated Blue Ankle Support

    R 3.85 R 2.89
    • Elasticated Blue Ankle Support

      Elasticated Blue Ankle Support

    • One Size

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    energy anti lice electric comb

    R 15.36 R 13.05

    this is energy electric anti lice shampoo

    very easy to use

    no side effects

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    Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4D Argan Oil Thermo Slimming Cellulite Serum

    R 10.01 R 6.93
    Product Details
    ARGAN THERMOACTIVE SLIMMING SERUM is the innovative anti-cellulite body shaping treatment.
    Formula rich in argan oil stimulates the process of adipose tissue burning and effectively reduces cellulite.
    24-carat GOLD, acting in synergy with bioHyaluron…

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    Hot Shapers Thermal Hot Belt for Women

    R 7.70 R 3.85
    • BURN MORE CALORIES WITH BODY HEAT: It’s quick and simple – wear the Hot Belt, complete your workout routine, and see results.
    • The belt raises your internal body temperature to make you sweat more, and in turn, burn more calories. Hot Belt greatly decreases water weight and releases fat toxins, leaving your body toned and strong. Flat abs, firm stomach, and inches lost are all within reach!
    • UNIQUELY ENGINEERED DESIGN: No more embarrassing sweat stains and odor while you’re working out. it is keeping you dry on the outside and comfortable for your entire workout. 
    • the anti-microbial properties prevent bacteria build up so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells.

  • jb6446-krunch-bowl-1

    Krispy Krunch Bowl

    • The never-soggy cereal bowl
    • Crunchy goodness in every spoonful
    • The perfect bite every time
    • Bowl has two sections
    • An upper area for your cereal, lower reservoir for milk

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    Lordex Magnetic Neck Support, Blue

    R 3.85 R 2.89

    Lordex magnetic field supports and improved circulation around injured muscles. It is specially designed to provide firm support and comfort , without restricting movement. It is ideal for muscles and joints when stressed or sprained. This comes with adjustable velcro fastening

    Product Features:

    • Brand: Lordex
    • Type: Body Supports
    • Color: Blue