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    As Seen On TV – H2O Mop X5 5-In-1 Steam Mop – Green

    R 39.66 R 19.64
    • very easy to use
    • make less time to clean your home in your busy day
    • Floor Cleaner- thoroughly deep cleans most floor types. Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, laminate and sealed hardwood
    • Hand Held Steamer- cleans even hard to reach places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush for maximum versatility
    • Window Cleaner- virtually cleans any surface in seconds, without using any harmful chemicals, have spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces, and clean super tough stains on sinks, stove tops, and even inside ovens.
    • Carpet Cleaner-  Use it to remove stains, refresh, revive and deodorize.
    • Garment Steamer-With the Garment Steamer attachment, wrinkles fall out, creases melt away and your garments will be fresh and ready to wear.

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    CheJieBa Water Gun + 10m Special Hose + Submersible Pumps

    R 19.64 R 16.94

    this is very good for cleaning car

    10 meter pipe with sumersible pump

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    Cordless Swivel Sweeper

    R 10.78 R 7.70
    • Cordless floor sweeper with 360-degree swivel base
    • Cleans carpet, wood, and even tile floors
    • Powerful 7.2 volt motor spins the brushes fast to pick up a wide variety of debris
    • Easier to use than a full-size vacuum and more powerful than many hand-held vacuums
    • Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge
    • weighs only two pounds

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    go duster- electric duster

    R 9.63 R 4.62
    About the Product
          Go Duster´s performs by grabbing and holding onto dust.
    • Made for comfort, Go Dusters handle is ergonomic and balanced to make dusting feel almost effortless.
    • Seniors and children can use easily
    • Cleaning  home so fast and easy!

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    Healthy Spray Mop (Blue/red)

    R 7.70 R 5.78

    Product details of Healthy Spray Mop (Blue/red)







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    Kaiyue Garment Steamer Ky1128 Garment Steamers

    R 29.65 R 21.95


    . 30-60min high velocity of steam

    .water tank capacity 1.7 L

    .1500 watt- fast heat up time

    .fast and easier then ironing

    . safer for any fabrics

    .convenient from for removing wrinkles and refreshing clothes

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    Magic Hose Pipe 100ft/ 30 m, Expandable Stretch Hosepipe with Spray Gun

    R 5.78 R 4.62
    • Ideal for many watering and cleaning uses, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc.
    • Supplied with a spray nozzle, which is made of long-lasting and durable ABS plastic.Will not tangle, twist or kink

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    NEW MAGIC HOSE PIPE 150ft / 45/M

    R 6.93
    • it can quickly expand to 3 times the length of its original size when water is turned on, and fully retract to the original length when water is turned off
    • Ideal for many watering and cleaning uses, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc.
    • Supplied with a spray nozzle, which is made of long-lasting and durable ABS plastic.Will not tangle, twist or kink

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    portable vacuum cleaner high-power household appliances, household cleaners JK-8

    R 16.94
    • Comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it around.
    • variety of brushes for hard to reach places, corners and edges.
    • Accessories all included as shown in the picture
    • Conveniently light and compact: 30 X 14 X 23.5 cm
    • Permanent vacuum filter
    • Easy to clean
    • Vertical stand (space saving)
    • 1000W Power
    • Cord length: 6M
    • Voltage: 220 to 240V
    • Frequency: 50Hz

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    spin spa

    R 10.01 R 5.78

    Products included: The Spin Spa with five attachments, Microdermabrasion Head, Mesh Sponge Head, Massage Head, Pumice Stone and the Cleansing Head.

    The Spin Spa is a cleansing shower unit that rejuvenates your skin by pampering your body with a Microdermabrasion Head to help your aging skin clear away dead skin cells all over your body helping to reveal your youthful skin underneath.

    It also has a mesh sponge for gentle exfoliating and the soft massaging fingers can assist in better circulation. Simply add your favorite soap or body wash and turn on your shower.

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    steam cleaner for multipurposes

    R 19.64 R 15.02

    Pressurized Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer / Powerful Multi-purpose Steamer, Removes Stains, Grease, Mold, etc. and Disinfects / Removes Wrinkles from Garments

    • 100% natural chemical-free and detergent-free cleaning with absolutely no harmful fumes or residue, while also saving on water. Removes grease, mold, grime and stains. Cleans floors, glass, countertops, stovetops, tile/grout, ovens, barbeque grills, vehicles, pet products, etc. Can also be used to remove wrinkles from garments.
    • High-pressure 1050 Watts steamer for powerful cleaning; cleans spotless even the toughest dirt and stains. 

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    sticky buddy- 2 pieces set

    R 2.89
      • Set of 2 lint-removing tools.


      • Picks up dirt from fabric and carpet quickly and easily.


      • Simply rinse to reuse.


      • Ideal for pet hair, crumbs and more.


    • Includes hand-held and travel versions.


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    Triple Tissue Holder /Dispenser

    R 7.70 R 5.78

    Product details of Triple Paper Dispenser/Holder (White)

    everything will be located in one convenient and easily accessible area so you don’t have to go searching through drawers to find what you need.

    Designed for cling film, foil and paper rolls of up to 33cm (13″) length. The dispenser itself measures 38cm across x 28cm high x 11cm wide. Clingfilm & foil compartments can be unclipped so you can use away from the dispenser. This Triple Paper Dispenser/Holder is a great storage solution for your kitchen.

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    Wash N Bright Easy Dishwasher

    R 15.02 R 10.01

    Triple-chamber dishwashing appliance fitted with 10,000 cleaning bristles Cleans both sides of  dinnerware with just a few easy strokes

    Ideal for plates, baby bottles, utensils, glasses baking trays and bowls

    Product dimension:25 x 29 x 34.5cm

    Weight:1.84kg Color:Blue & White

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    Window Vacuum Cleaner- CORDLESS

    R 18.87
    • it Leaves Any Surface Squeaky Clean. Eliminates Streaks and Drips While Cleaning Windows and Other Flat Surfaces
    • Saves Effort, Time and Money.
    • Light Weight and Easy to Use; Works Indoors and Outdoors
    • Simply apply your favorite cleaner and vacuum it away with the PowerSqueegee for a beautiful, streak-free shine
    • Eliminates the Need and Expense of Paper Towels While Delivering Better Cleaning Results
    • Cordless kit and maintenance-free